Hello, Magnificence Incarnate.

Do you feel so caught up in your emotional struggle or a constant negative situation that your capacity for clarity diminishes as you spiral down? 
If the answer is yes, it means you’re going through a Divine transformation as we speak!

You’re at the greatest crossroads in your life ever, the confusion and fear about whether you will succeed to create the version of yourself that you deeply desire is palpable. You feel this situation is either going to make you or break you. I hear you, Gorgeous Soul.

If you’re here, it means you’re interested in how to CONNECT DEEPLY with who you are so that you can CREATE that version of yourself, be it in relationship, health or career – and LIVE with a deep sense of peace, joy and self-realization.

You’ve had enough of spiritual fluff and theory. It’s time for real-life results!

You just want to KNOW the simple, yet powerful ways in which you’re meant to connect deeply with your TRUE personal power so you can liberate yourself from emotional or physical pain, come home to your peace, happiness and joy – and, frankly, create whatever the eff you want! 


Like myself about 6 years ago, you might feel like you’re at THE defining moment of your life, utterly confused, wondering which way to go, afraid you’ll fail to create the happy, healthy and prosperous version of yourself you deeply desire. I hear you, Beautiful Soul. You’re in a situation you feel is either going to make you or break you.

Whatever the situation might be in your relationship, in your body, or in your career, you’re here now because at the heart of it is your BURNING desire to OWN your power to create once and for all! You’re not here to fix this one thing. You’re here to KNOW how to wield your power in ANY AND ALL circumstances! If that resonates with you, then hear me out.

I’m Ashvata Natasha, lovely to meet you! I’m a leading intuitive mindset coach and well-being activator, helping people to CONNECT DEEPLY with who they are so they can CREATE love, health and wealth – and LIVE their life with a deep sense of peace, clarity and purpose.

I firmly believe that it is time to release the idea that accessing true personal power is difficult.

It can be at first, but it happens naturally once we understand how to connect with the innermost part of ourselves. It requires understanding the role and the value of emotions – or what I like to call – the language of emotions. In fact, understanding the language of emotions allows you to think outside the box… AND to be comfortable outside the “comfort zone”.  Oh yes, stepping outside the so-called comfort zone doesn’t have to be uncomfortable! 

I believe our emotions are our direct communication line with our Highest Self; a Divine information HighWay. Understanding THAT will help you to develop a fantastic relationship with your Highest Self, or simply put, with YOU. Hello self-love! Hello effortless manifesting!


So welcome and let’s get started. If you are SERIOUS about living the version of yourself you deeply desire, I’d LOVE to have a heart-to-heart with you. Click here for a FREE 30-minute discovery call with me.






My Story 

I know you’re ready because you’ve had enough of being caught up in confusion, you’re sick and tired of constant negative situations popping up, and you’re wondering HOW to start getting real-life positive results once and for all!



About 6 years ago, I went through a major emotional storm. I had just gone through a break-up with a man that I was heavily financially  dependent on. Coming out of that relationship, I was flat broke, found it extremely difficult to speak my deepest truth, I could not say no when I really meant no, was insecure, didn’t know who I really was and where my place in this world was … 

and at the peak of that mountain of negative feelings, I remember the day I discovered a lump in my breast. I was instantly flooded by fear and found myself in complete darkness. It felt like I was going to die.

Being afraid for your own life kind of takes you through a deeply powerful transformation, when you really want to live.

As I was feeling my way through the dark trying to find a ray of hope, I went through a broad emotional spectrum.

Deeply processing my emotions not only taught me how to heal myself, but most importantly how to manage my thoughts and emotions, connect deeply with myself – and experience profound calm, peace, clarity and joy. It has brought me HOME to my true self!

I went from people-pleasing to being able to say “No” when I really meant no.

From finding it super hard to express my truth to being assertive. From physical imbalance to health. The lump just melted away. I went from being flat broke to attracting abundance in all shapes and forms. From complete confusion about my relationships to discovering that I was the love of my life – and to meeting my now husband with whom we have a beautiful daughter.

I went from a personal crisis to a personal victory.

Looking back, it was a gift that helped me to begin to live my purpose.




  • Deep peace and clarity as you uncover your sacred connection with the deepest part of You holding the blueprint to your path and purpose which will finally have you saying, “I now know what to do with ease and grace”.

  • Feeling able to master your thoughts and emotions to find clarity and inner peace anytime, anywhere.

  • Feeling clear from the fear, pain, and drama around what the eff you’re meant to be doing with your precious life and get a clear roadmap on who you are, why you’re here, and what you’re meant to be doing.

  • Feeling alive as you awaken your treasure trove of natural gifts, talents, and abilities and watch the abundance flow in as you share them with the world – guilt and shame free.

  • Feeling liberated as you remove restrictive beliefs around your purpose, and shift into the realms of limitless potential where you’ll be singing at the top of your lungs, “I’VE  GOT THE POWER TO CREATE MY DREAMS”.


It’s time to ACTIVATE your personal power and SEE real-life positive results! 


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