Gorgeous Soul,

there is one extraordinary ability that you were born with, that we were all born with, which you might have completely overlooked or are not aware of yet, or trying and trying to master: the ability to transform your thoughts and emotions at will, anywhere, anytime, boom, just like that! It’s an ability that becomes a consciously developed skill once you begin to understand the language of your emotions. This is something I’m totally passionate about because I know what it means to have that skill developed and reap its rewards: it enables you to not only create your own emotional well-being where ever you are but also anything your heart DESIRES. That’s when manifesting becomes FUN and SWEET and GRACEFUL, not a never ending doubt and guess work, “Am I doing this the right way or not? Will I succeed or not? What if I don’t…? What if I never…?” 

I know how excruciatingly painful life can be emotionally, physically and financially,… without the assurance that what you desire will happen, be it in love, health or work. What if I told you you could have EXACTLY what you want? What if I showed you how to align your inner world with the external world and manifest with ease and grace? What if I show you how to manifest the love that you desire in love? Or the health that you long for? Or a prosperous life? Or living your purpose?

I ask you, how can you be a master creator when your thoughts and emotions are chronically out of balance and it’s easier for you to feel bad than good? If you want to create masterfully, you have to be able to transform your own thoughts and emotions wherever & whenever the eff you want and need to. 


We are a perfect match for working together if you are ready to:

  • Deeply process your thoughts and emotions
  • Learn to communicate with your Highest Self
  • Heal and transform your life 
  • Be completely true to yourself
  • Ditch insecurity
  • Stop playing small
  • Stand up for what you believe in
  • Embrace ease and flow
  • Embrace abundance in all shapes and forms
  • Give yourself permission to follow your heart and vision


My beautiful clients have gone on to:
  • Heal depression and start living in joy
  • Release physical pain and live pain-free
  • Be released from a psychiatric hospital and live happily ever after
  • Lose dozens of pounds and became healthy and fit
  • Ditch soul crushing jobs and find their divine sacred purpose
  • Create fantastic relationship with their loved ones
  • Find the love of their life
  • Attract abundance in all shapes and forms
  • Manifest travel and material things
  • Come home to who they really are


More about me …

Originally from Slovenia, Europe, where I am well-known for my coaching work and authorship of the book “Zakaj se Buda smeje?” (“Why is Buddha Laughing?”), I am based in Montreal, Canada, following my vision of an emotionally enlightened global society that understands and uses the power of thoughts and emotions to create a life of peace and prosperity.

With a focus on embodied mindset mastery and emotional wellbeing, I focus on living these principles in my daily life.

When I’m not working with clients, you can find me walking in the woods, running and exercising, delighting in books on a higher way of being, conscious creating, positive psychology, quantum model of the world, and latest scientific discoveries on the mind-body connection. Alongside my husband and daughter, I love going on new adventures to explore the world, spending moments with my close family and friends, spending lots of time in nature, watching films, trying out new recipes in the kitchen or pampering my taste buds with cuisine from around the world.



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