Ashvata offers  professional, consecutive INTERPRETING OF MEETINGS held in person or on Skype.

From English to Slovenian & vice versa.


Consecutive interpreting is the most common form of interpreting. It involves the interpreter interpreting what the speaker says after a delay.


ADVANTAGES of interpreting meetings on Skype:

– the meeting interpretation is accompanied by video and sound,

– the interpreter records the meeting for the meeting host and attendees,

– practical, efficient and modern approach that saves time and money.



– possibility of the internet connection fall out

– or bad internet connection.


Which information does the interpreter require beforehand? 

To do her work as best as she can, she will need:

– basic information on the meeting, like topic and agenda;

– description of the event;

– and any material that the attendees will receive at the meeting.

Please, make sure to send the required information and material at leat 10 days before the event, or as soon as it is available.



50 – 70 eur/uro + 22% VAT. Depends on the difficulty of the meeting contents. The price includes the meeting recording.




“Natasha’s translation of the ‘Living the Law of Attraction Workshop’ was excellent. She has a great ability to connect and build a rapport with the
audience. In addition Natasha’s understanding of the Law of Attraction material made her the perfect person for the event as she was able to
accurately convey the precise meanings and subtleties of the material.” – Tracy Friend, Co-founder of The Law of Attraction Centre, London


“We would like to confirm to you that your job at the Pachira International event was done more than correctly. We are very satisfied with the quality of the interpretation from English language done by you even if we take under consideration that speakers (being originally from different nations) were not easily interpreted. We will be happy to work with you in the future.” – Michal Guzowski, Executive Vice President, Pachira International


“I know that this translation work you did with me was not so much about translating as it was about a tantric dance, a medtiation that takes four days, requiring you to be totally present and open during the entire time. I understand it was the first time you had worked like that, and you did a super job. Thanks for that, as well as for the love you brought to the job, enhancing the class experience for all the participants and for me as well.” – Martin Brofman, Phd, Founder of The Brofman Foundation for the Advancement of Healing


“Thank you very much for the beautiful and gentle way you did the translation at the presentation of my book in Ljubljana, July 2010. You managed very well to tune with me and my speech, and it was a pleasure to do this conference together.” – Naomi Imber Feinberg, Author and teacher of the Hatmara-Merkava method



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