“After nearly 4 years of living on antidepressants in high doses, after 4 years of grief, emotional pain and serious heart pain, after 4 years of suffering and looking for a solution, today I’m off antidepressants and no longer desperately seeking my path. With Natasha, I’ve learned how to allow good things to come into my life and I began to accept myself without judgment. I love myself exactly as I am. In 9 weeks I’ve also lost 11 pounds (from 265 pounds), and started working again. People who knew me before now want to know my secret. I feel I’ve learned how to enjoy and live my life. And best of all, my darling daughter says she got her mama back… Thank you, Natasha, for believing in me when I didn’t know how to believe in myself.” -Bernarda Grobin, CEO and hair stylist

“On our first coaching session you told me every experience was a gift. I’ve accepted a gift worth every cent plus more. It’s evolving and multiplying. I can now easily get into good vibes and share them with other people and my surroundings. With your help, I’ve found my balance and reconnected with myself. Following what my heart desires, I no longer make compromises with myself. You’ve guided me so skillfully and sincerely to remembering who I am again. Thank you for handing me a simple tool that I can use in any moment. (Sometimes I am ok thinking in terms of ‘poor little me’, but those moments are getting shorter and shorter.) You are an amazing person, I see you and feel you as a pure vibration, which for me, for all of us, is a real blessing and an illuminating example. Natasha, thank you for being.” -Alexandra Pi Bachel, CEO and intuitive life coach

Your loving, gentle and straightforward guidance always brought me to a greater clarity of what it is I really wanted and to an understanding that I am allowed to want all of that and to get it too. You took me to my core until the deepest part of me began to speak. You helped me open up circuits so that all of my knowing and experiences blended together and inspired trust in Creation, which immediately reacts to whichever mindset I choose in the moment. You helped me to become aware of what the people and events around me were conveying to me. The day you helped me to articulate and feel my life purpose has made a deep mark on me. For me, your loving and playful support is Priceless. I highly recommend your coaching sessions as results are immediate.” -Vesna Hostnik, CEO and personal fashion stylist

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